The old joke about the original Google Mini was that you’d almost get one free with a box of cereal, infact we’re not sure you couldn’t. But Google seems to be valuing the Nest Mini just a little bit more, and while they’re not hard to get, they’re certainly not being thrown at you, at least not yet.

One of the best features of the new Nest Mini (which has rolled out to all Google/ Nest Speakers now) is the ability to pair them in to a set of L/R stereo speakers, of course you’ll need two of them for that.

So, if you’re wanting to grab a couple the latest Nest Mini offer from Telstra Plus, Telstra’s loyalty rewards program, might just be for you.

At the moment you can get two Nest Mini Speakers delivered for 15,000 Telstra Plus points. Assuming you didn’t use your original 10,000 point gift you likely would have enough points now to grab a set for free. If you don’t quite have 15,000 points Telstra has introduced a point plus pay options like many rewards programs, so for 10,000 points and $30 you can grab a pair.

Considering that the points are automatic, and at least my plan hasn’t gotten any more expensive since it was offered, Telstra Plus seems to be a great program, even if points to grow slowly.

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Adam M

I had three Home Mini devices, each of which was a giveaway from somewhere. Still have two, the most recent one I gave to my niece for her birthday and she loves it.


Is it worth swapping home minis with nest minis? I already have all the minis I need/want plus having spare ones from giveaways like this is it worth swapping out the home minis for the nest minis or just keep them new in the packaging?


I haven’t really had a use for the single Google Nest Mini, I got as the Google Play Music/YouTube Premium freebie late last year.
While I could effortlessly add another 2 through this offer, that’d be another another 2 smart speakers as unused dust gatherers.


The offer comes up on my account as x1 Google Nest Mini for 10,000 points. I wanted to get a couple for pairing as L/R speakers… Can the Google Nest Mini pair with the original Google Mini? – UPDATE: Not possible according to


Sweet! Ordered. Thanks DJ

Haris Shaikh

thanks for your update. I ordered is last night while reading your website..I already have 4 of them ..but im building a new house…so im sure ill find a place to put them guessing they are the new ones as oppose to the older generation.


Yes Nest Mini is the newer model. Home Mini is the old one.


You receive these yet? I ordered at the same time and still waiting. Hoping they arrive. See above comment where Ozbargain folks say theirs hasn’t arrived and it has been months…


You got these yet? I read on Ozbargain that they may not show up. I ordered as well and haven’t got mine yet. Hoping they show up.