The growth in connected devices and streaming services that rely on Wi-Fi connectivity in the home has resulted in the need for smarter Wi-Fi networks that provide extended, uniform coverage.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh products claim to benefit both consumers and service providers by delivering full coverage networks that intelligently manage resources with minimal user intervention. The technology is highly scalable, enabling users to easily add wireless AP’s where needed.

Built on the promise of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, Wi-Fi EasyMesh networks accommodate a greater selection of devices that are theoretically interoperable across brands.

I emphasise theoretically interoperable because there aren’t many EasyMesh products available in Australia so I’m yet to see evidence from anyone who has actually tried to use two or more EasyMesh Wi-Fi products from different manufacturers and got this to work.

In saying that Easymesh is a “standard” and manufacturers MUST ensure their products communicate with other brands and meet the standard otherwise they can’t get certified in the first place.

Credit must go to Telstra which was the first ISP in the world a year ago to release their EasyMesh Gen 2 Smart Modem and Gen 2 Wi-Fi Booster which are fully certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance as Wi-Fi EasyMesh approved.

More recently, this year Netgear launched their premium WiFi 6 AC1800 Nighthawk Mesh MK62 system and was followed up a few days ago by D-link with it’s more budget priced Wi-Fi 5 AC1200 COVR-1102 Mesh Wi-Fi System.

If the promised compatibility between all Wi-Fi Easymesh devices made by different manufacturers works in real life then it could be really useful eg: someone with a EasyMesh certified Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 could expand it’s Wi-Fi coverage area by buying a Netgear or D-link EasyMesh certified system.

if the promised compatibility doesn’t work in real life then it will be very disappointing and result in lots of EasyMesh certified Wi-Fi systems being returned by angry customers asking for a full refund.

If you have successfully used Wi-Fi Easymesh devices made by different manufacturers in your home please let us know in the comments.

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Article didn’t answer either of the questions in the title.

Phill Edwards

Thanks for the article. But I’m still waiting for the answer to “What is Wi-Fi EasyMesh and is it useful?” You didn’t really cover that at all.