With Google I/O cancelled as a result of COVID-19 there has been speculation when the Pixel 4a will be launched. Now fresh rumours are swirling that Google will unveil it at the Android 11 Beta launch even online on June 3.

With the original Pixel 3a being launched at Google I/O 2019 event these rumours seem fairly solid. On top of that, as of late we were expecting the Pixel 4a to launch late May, early June if previous rumours were correct.

We have speculated that 2020 may be the year of the mid tier a couple of times, and the Pixel “a” line is the flagship of the mid-tier. So what are we expecting?

Firstly it seems almost inevitable that the 4a will only come in one size, no standard and XL options this year. The single Pixel 4a will come in a 5.8″ FHD OLED display with punch hole camera. Internally it will feature a Snapdragon 730, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

Around the back is likely to be a 12MP camera powered by Google’s computational photography, which is expected to have the best photographic prowess of any mid-tier device once again. A 3080mAh battery will power the whole thing.

The case is expected to be plastic like last years Pixel 3a. A few premium features will be withheld such as wireless charging and 5G connectivity — as they said last year, they need to not include some of these features to be able to meet the required price point.

With a little under a month to wait we’re getting very excited for the Pixel 4a to launch. I know more than one of us is already considering it for he phone of the year for 2020 and we’ve only got leaks and rumours so far.

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