With the Google-backed open standards based RCS messaging slowly gaining traction across the world more and more people on Android have an interoperable advanced chat/ messaging service by default on their devices. Google has had continued, if slow, success at getting carriers and OEMs alike to adopt the standard in their devices.

What is the use of a messaging app however if you don’t have stickers? How could you truly enjoy your experience? To solve this Google is readying stickers for the prime time in Google Messages. A new setting is appearing for some users in settings allowing you to show “Suggested stickers”.

Once toggled on sticker suggestions will be presented as reply suggestions or perhaps as you type. We love stickers here at Ausdroid, but we are more a fan of the custom sticker packs rather than he cutsie stickers most apps bundle by default.

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how many features, stickers and options Google manages to cram into RCS/ Google Messages. While Apple controls a significant proportion of the mobile users in a market and they refuse to adopt the open messaging standard in preference for their closed walled garden ecosystem RCS has zero chance of becoming a viable option.

Perhaps an RCS app that runs purely on a web service could be launched onto the iPhone, but that defeats the whole purpose of this being a default, high quality option on everyone’s device. Be together, not the same.

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TBH I got all of my family / friends off imessage and onto FB Messenger as they all have isheeps and I have my lonely old pixel…
Worked perfectly as everyone has FB… except…well…..now I don’t have FB as I realised what a bloodsucking, soulless exploitation machine it is….
So.. I am back in the same boat… with no real alternative.
Except… maybe… hmmm….
Anyone know where can I get 50 tin cans and some string, everyone has cleaned out the supermarkets of soup and tinned vegetables??