Way back in 2016 Google launched their first Google Assistant powered Smart Speaker, the Google Home. To say it nudged Google closer to a revolution in computing may well not be an understatement. Since then more and more homes and bushiness are integrating voice controlled smart speakers into their every day.

Ambient computing it turns out is a natural and intuitive way to interact with our modern smart world, in many cases anyway, and has been very popular. While Google may not have started this trend with Amazon beating them to the punch they have certainly helped careen it forward.

One criticism of Google’s smart speakers has been that they do not offer a premium audio experience. The OG Google Home is fair at best, the Google Home Max is richer, louder and nicer but huge and arguable ugly, and the Mini range is never going to satisfy an audiophile.

Now according to a new rumour we may be getting a premium Google Home successor, perhaps to be named the Nest Home the new speaker is expected to target a size and quality similar to a Sonos One speaker. The device code named ‘Prince’ will be situated in both price and audio performance somewhere between the OG Google Home and the Google Home Max.

With more premium audio makers releasing smart speakers, both with and without Google Assistant integration, it could be argued that Google is a little late with releasing such a device. Unfortunately with all of the unrest in the world right now there’s no details on when such a device would ever be released.

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