Google released Android 11 Developer Preview for smartphones earlier this year and more recently released the Android 11 Beta. With the exceptionally strong leaks and rumours surrounding an upcoming new Google Android TV device it is no surprise to see them release a developer preview for Android 11 on Android TV.

Outlined on their Android Developers Blog the new Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV is for the ADT-3 Developer devices only and can only be installed and flashed manually.

The new update does not bring any user-visible changes with only under-the-hood changes that will allow it to run more smoothly. The big surprise within the new update is a video showing off the existence of Google’s yet-to-be-released Android TV dongle.

The video does not really tell us anything new about the device codenamed “Sabrina” but at least confirms it is a real product. The new video displays how to reboot the upcoming Google Android TV device. The shape of the product matches that that we have seen for “Sabrina” and its arrival is a much awaited product, given that Google have not released an Android TV device available to the public for a long time.

For those who need a reminder of what the new Android TV dongle will look like check out the video below:

We expect (and hope) that Google’s new Andorid TV device will launch alongside either the Pixel 4a or the Pixel 5 — if we were betting people we’d bet on it arriving at the official Made By Google event whenever the Pixel 5 is launched, hopefully later this year.

Until then start saving your dollarydoos as Google do not sell cheap hardware any more and you can be sure that this will be one of the, if not the best Android TV devices going around (special mention to the Nvidia Shield devices).