It has only taken Google two weeks from the release of Android 11 Beta 2 to them releasing a bug-fix version for that, signalling that they are hard at work on it and that they must be close to a final release. Overnight Google release Android 11 Beta 2.5 for supported Pixel phones bringing some much needed fixes.

The new release brings with it some much needed fixes including a fix for the screen flickering issues on the Pixel 4. Other fixes include random reboot issues, UI fixes for the navigation bar and notification drawer.

The screen flickering was caused by the 90Hz display on the Pixel 4 interacting with dark themes — which is something Google has been pushing for a while now so for it not to work is a fairly significant issue.

Phones in the Beta program will receive the update OTA today with the factory images and OTA images available at the usual locations. As you can see above there is not exact time listed for when the final version will be available but we expect it around the start of September.