We all know that it is incredibly annoying when you make a purchase and then you see it cheaper a week or two later. Some retailers will offer a price match during a certain period after purchase but not all do. The Australian Google Store is one that has not, until now.

Android Police have noticed that Google made a few changes to their support page discussing their price match policy. Although they focussed on the addition of a retailer that Google will price match to in the US the thing that caught our eye was the addition of Australia to the supported countries.

Very first on the list of the 23 new countries that support the Google Store price matching policy was Australia. So what does this mean for us? If you find the product you purchased from the Google Store cheaper elsewhere — at a supported retailer — you can make a claim for a refund of the price difference.

The kicker is that the claim must be made within 15 days of making the purchase — the buyer’s remorse period. Of course you will need to provide evidence of the better price in the form of a live link to the product — screenshots and pictures are not accepted.

As you can see below the list of supported retailers in Australia is limited to just six but considering some of them have some decent sales this could be very handy for us.

Many of us are reticent to buy from the Google Store for this (and other) reasons but this new addition of a price match policy for Australians make it a much more attractive price to shop for your Google products.

Would this make you more comfortable shopping form the Google Store or will you still prefer one o the official third party retailers?

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Haris Shaikh

Office works and Bunnings beat prices by 5 %