We normally keep a close eye on the Google Play discounts as it’s a great way to get services like Google Play Music (long live GPM) and Google One at a discount. However we missed one last week, so if you’re in the need for some discounted Google Play Cards then run into Woollies now.

If you’re a member of their Everyday Rewards then you will be credited 1000 points (worth $5) for each $50 Google Play card you buy and 400 points (worth $2) for each $20 card you buy. The points can then be redeemed for credit off future purchases.

These discounts equal 10% which isn’t that great, but better than nothing, so if you need some Google Play credit we recommend you rush in, the deal expires 11/8/2020.


UPDATE: Corrected percentage discount error.  Thanks all

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Yeah, not 20%, just 10%. Not sure why Ausdroid thought the points were valued at what they wrote in the article. It is clearly written even in the picture they posted.


2000 points = $10
so it is 10%