Victoria is currently in a state of emergency and sometimes trying times like this bring out the best in people and companies. Circles.Life is another company trying to help life easier for Victorians now with a new plan that is set to shake up the other telcos.

Circles.Life has now dropped the price of their $38 plan to just $1 for Victorians with no strings attached. $1 will get Victorians 100GB of data, unlimited calls and texts for the entire duration of the lockdown or until October 20.

The plan is obviously designed to help Victorians who are doing it tough during this time of lockdown where many have had their wages cut drastically (or totally) and help them maintain their ability to stay connected.

Circles.Life say that there are no strings attached to the deal, aside form the end date, there is no lock-ins, no contracts and users can cancel their plan at any time. There is a string we found though — users must switch their mobile number over to Circles.Life so you cannot just grab it as an addition to your current mobile service (that does not stop you grabbing a $1 SIM from the supermarket and switching that number over though……).

Kristen Holden, Head of Australia, Circles.Life said that:

“With a quarter of a million people stood down as a result of lockdowns, we know that many Victorians are doing it tough, which is magnified by the uncertainty around when lockdowns will end. Now more than ever, with the increased data usage that comes with everybody being stuck at home, keeping telecommunications affordable is vital to support Victorians to stay connected.”

“We hope that this initiative will, in some way, alleviate the financial stress many Victorians are facing and give them more power to manage their mobile expenses”

For more information and to sign up head on over to Circles.Life and use the code “VICLOCKDOWN” when you sign up to get the deal. Make sure you read any and all fine print before signing up. At the end of the stage 4 lockdown or October 20, the plan reverts to $38 per month but you can of course cancel or downgrade that plan as required.