Epic may have started the ball rolling by suing both Apple and Google over their respective app store policies but other lawyers are now taking the ball and running with it. Overnight a Seattle-based law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against Google.

The lawsuit is based around Google’s effective app store monopoly and how they make it difficult for sideloading of apps and other app stores along with their “anti-competitive practices” such as taking a 30 percent split of all purchases on the Play Store and a minimal pricing of 99 cents for any product.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages and at this stage it is unclear just how many Android developers have signed onto the class action but they can easily sign up using a form on their website. At this stage the class action may not go ahead and will need approval from the Federal Court before it can proceed. Given the partisan nature of the courts in the US it is unclear just how this one will land.

The full complaint can be seen here and we will be watching closely to see how this one develops because, just like the Epic lawsuit, could well change the way the Play Store operates in the future — and that affects all of us, not just the developers.

If you are a developer are you ok with Google’s Play Store practices? As an end user, non-developer, how do you feel about these complaints from developers?

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I’m not sure how this will even get off the ground … yep ok Google charges 30pc to be hosted in the play store. But it’s not a monopoly. Samsung for example has a store on Android, and apps can be freely side loaded…
A completely different kettle of fish from Apple and the App store.