Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Amaysim, has begun searching for a new network services agreement with one of the three major telcos as its current agreement with Optus is due to expire in June 2022.

The news of this has led to speculation that Singtel Optus, parent company to Optus, could be looking at purchasing the company after it announced it had sold its consumer energy business, Click Energy to AGL Energy at a loss. It also comes as other MVNO operators such a Boost are also possibly considering moving their subscribers to new network providers.

Amaysim has said that it has “launched a competitive tender for wholesale mobile network services” to apply once its current contract expires with Optus in June 2022. Its comes almost a year after Amaysim resigned a new supply contract with Optus in May 2019, with Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Amaysim, Peter O’Connell stating at the time that:

“Amaysim and Optus have had a highly successful and mutually beneficial partnership since 2010. We both recognised the need to revitalise the NSA to better align with the growth ambitions of each company. Amaysim’s growth in this dynamic mobile market will deliver long term strategic value for shareholders through increased brand awareness, compelling products and a quicker response to market dynamics and customers’ evolving needs.”

Amaysim has grown over the last 10 years, with the company recently having 830,000 subscribers thanks in part to the purchase of Jeenee Mobile’s 41,700 subscriber base in December 2019 and OVO Mobile’s 77,000 subscriber base in June 2020.

Amaysim have stated to the ASX regarding its next wholesale network agreement that:

“This is a critical strategic milestone and presents an opportunity for Amaysim to generate shareholder value through new and improved terms for the provision of wholesale network services, which will support the future growth and performance of mobile. This work stream is progressing well and Amaysim looks forward to selecting a preferred network partner in the near term.”

Given the substantial number of subscribers Amaysim have, it will be interesting to see if Amaysim stays with Optus under a new agreement or if Telstra or Vodafone/TPG Telecom swoop in and get Amaysim as a future customer.