It has been coming for a while but it seems that the end is nigh for Google Play Music. Users on Reddit are seeing that their smart home devices are telling them that their default music service has changed.

By the way, YouTube Music is now your default music provider.

This change is signalling that Google is ready to shut down Play Music and although users were able to reselect Google Play Music as their default music source within the Google Home app. With Google Play Music set to be shuttered later this month it is no surprise to see Google reminding people of this and migrating them over forcefully to the new service.

Many users are still unhappy with YouTube Music, its interface and its featureset but we doubt Google will introduce too many more (if any) features before the end of Play Music. It feels set at where Google are happy with it and are ready to make it their only music service.

For those unhappy it is time to decide whether to make the shift over to YouTube Music or find another music service. Hopefully we can learn to love YouTube Music just how many of us loved Play Music — afterall it did take a while for Play Music to gain all of those features that we so loved, surely they will all come to YouTube Music one day.

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The no cast unless pay gets me. I suppose it’s time to get off my lazy ass and configure Plex properly.

Martin Dolan

Perhaps if the world review bombed YouTube Music to one star they might get embarrassed and fix it. Everyone in Australia also can demand a full refund for all their google home, chromecasts, etc etc no matter how many years you’ve had them under consumer law as they are no longer “fit for purpose” Here is the one star review I just left on youtube music app: What the fůck google. You make us move to YouTube music and kill off google play music. Simple things like playlists don’t work. I have google home, chromecast audio in every room of… Read more »


It’s a disgrace that music that people purchased will be ‘unstreamable’ to Google speakers or Android Auto.

Google is a pro a killing features/projects.

Now Apple iTunes is the only large marketplace in Australia for purchasing digital music.

Subscription future, here we come. 😭😭😭


MMM , well that would be a bit disappointing Andrew , i have a stack of paid for oldies rock music i paid for on google play music , and i did kinda like having my play lists on there at my beck and call when needed a music anti depression boost 🙂 . Currently there so many cool things in technology that are or where really good , but every year changes come along and we lose big chunks of those good things , and that goes double for hardware . Now and again i think to myself ,… Read more »


It definitely isn’t only you, who sees change, which only benefits the global mega corporations, as being Bad Evil Wrong.
The problem is the bulk of the connedsumer sheeple happily and willingly gave up their Consumer Rights, for the connedvenience of access. For the bulk of them, they won’t even think of bothering to put the effort into posting the harm done to them, on a blog such as Ausdroid, let alone making a Formal Complaint.


(and Bandcamp)


Andrew, Bad Evil Wrong change like this, is part of why I am a data packrat. It’s why _all_ the content I buy, I make sure I can download and keep a local copy of.

Andrew Smith

Already switched over to Spotify. I think we have just enough Google credit for another month of YouTube Red and then it’ll be cancelled. Adverts on YouTube will suck but not worth $20 a month.