Optus is about to launch two new 5G Home Broadband unlimited data internet plans allowing users the choice of $75/month for speeds capped at max 100Mbps or $90/month for uncapped speed including Optus Sport and a Fetch Mighty box with a Premium Channel pack included. The first month is free on both plans.

The current Optus 5G home broadband plan is $70 so the new plans are a price hike and the inclusions are designed so that the $90 ‘Entertainer’ bundle plan looks so much better value than the bare bones slower $75 plan.

Clearly Optus hopes most people will sign up for the $90 option to increase ARPU (average revenue per user), which seems to be confirmed by the fact that their spokesperson for these new plans is the Managing Director Marketing and Revenue

Expect Telstra to also heavily push their 5G home broadband options soon because like Optus, both telcos earn a lot more money if you connect to them via their own mobile towers, compared to if you connect to them via NBN.

Optus 5G home broadband is available to roughly 420,000 households across Australia, which will grow over time as as Optus continues it’s 5G deployment.

In theory Optus 5G Internet is plug and play allowing customers to self-install with minimal effort. However in practice the Optus 5G modem is strongly recommended to be installed right next to a window with clear line of site to an Optus 5G tower.

The actual speed experienced by an Optus 5G customer will vary based on factors such as the placement of the modem, distance from the 5G tower, local conditions, software and hardware features, and levels of internet traffic and congestion.

Later this year Optus will launch this new 5G Internet Entertainer plan at $90 per month which provides customers with access to uncapped speeds on Optus 5G network. Optus claims that a representative sample of their 5G home broadband customers currently enjoy average download speed of 214Mbps (between 7pm-11pm).

Optus will also launch the Optus 5G Internet Everyday Plan at $75 per month. This plan offers maximum speeds of 100Mbps (with an estimated average download speed of 85Mbps between 7pm-11pm) and includes Optus Sport as well as access to premium health and fitness content through OS Fitness, on the Optus Sport app.

In anticipation of these new 5G Internet plans, Optus is launching the Optus 5G Internet Everyday Plan first and is giving customers who sign up to this plan now, a chance to enjoy the uncapped ‘Entertainer’ speeds for $75 per month. This limited time Optus 5G Internet Everyday Plan offer is available from 11 September 2020.

Matt Williams, Optus Managing Director Marketing and Revenue commented:

“Customers tell us that choice, value and speed are important to them and our new 5G Internet plans deliver exactly this. 5G creates a whole new world of experiences within the home with the ability to stream and share content from multiple devices at the same time – something that has become increasingly important this year, as our way of working, schooling and living has changed”.

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christopher Waters

How about you actually make it available so people can buy it.


5G cheaper and faster than FTTP NBN thanks to Labor’s speed tiers.

Dallas Grant

Useless unless you live next to a tower in the major cities that have it, 5G isn’t a rival to NBN, it’ll be 5 years before everyone can get it and by then musk’s world wide deal will make 5G obsolete as an internet option.

christopher Waters


Elon musk internet is designed for poor people or people in rural areas that don’t have the infurstrucure for high speed internet.

It is a satellite solution which has massive latency (ping). This makes it useless for things like, self driving cars, gaming and very slow for everything else. It will never become a replacement for NBN or cellular internet.