Google Pixel Buds are a great second effort by Google at wireless earbuds but they have been suffering on their latest firmware version. On the version 550 audio drops out every 110 seconds — yes, a precise 110 seconds — but an update is rolling out now to fix that issue.

Over on the Google Pixel Buds help page Google have stated that they have investigated the bug causing the issue with audio dropping out and have “identified a fix”. The new update, version 552, will apparently fix this bug.

To update the firmware of your Pixel Buds just head into the Pixel Buds app and check the settings to see if the update is ready — updates can download to the app automatically. Then just connect your Pixel Buds to your phone and the update will be transferred over to your Pixel Buds and you should be good to go.

It is great to see Google continue to work on the Pixel Buds providing not just feature updates but also bug fixes such as this one. Although there may be better true wireless buds available you could do a lot worse than grabbing some Google Pixel Buds.

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I’ve had this but I hadn’t timed it! I also had an issue with lag. Watching Youtube was awful because it was just so out of sync. But a factory reset today seems to have resolved that one. Waiting for the 552 firmware to fix the audio cutouts now.