It seems someone has blown the wall on the damn and the flood of Google leaks are here. We have seen Pixel 4a 5G renders last night and Nest Audio products on the shelves already today. Now it’s the Pixel 5’s turn with not just black renders showing but also the new green colour.

Overnight OG leaker Evan Blass has given us our first look at official renders of the Pixel 5. While we have seen and heard a lot about the device already this is the first time we have seen just what the green is. As you can see below its a strange coloured green, not really in keeping with the more pastelly colours Google normally favours (eg. it’s not as mint as some Google products we’ve seen) but we’ll hold judgement until we get to see it in person.

This year, as you can see in the black and the green renders, Google is doing away with the accented power button which seems a strange choice given they’ve done that for a very long time.

As expected the fingerprint sensor is on the rear of the phone along with a dual rear camera setup. Everything else is where we expect it to be: hole punch display, small bottom bezel, no Motion Sense sensors.

That wasn’t the only appearance that the green Pixel 5 made overnight with it also appearing alongside a Nest Audio speaker and a Google TV (Sabrina) remote control:

With under a week now until they are officially announced we are looking forward to seeing what surprises Google has in store for us. Which of the four expected devices are you most looking forward to?

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Why is there an apostrophe in β€œit’s” in the article title?


Perhaps they actually left out an “a” instead πŸ˜›

As in, “official render shows it is a new green colour” as opposed to an old green colour


“Google Pixel 5 official render shows it is new green colour”
The above title also makes sense.


Liking that green Pixel 5. Reminds me of the greenish Nexus 5X. Don’t need a controller for the Chromecast or a larger Nest speaker — Nest Mini is enough for my rooms even at 1-bar volume.