Mobile carriers all offer similar options these days usually including unlimited calls, SMS and maybe some international calls. The big point of difference is the data allowance and coverage, although that too is changing. Now it’s not excess data charges if you exceed your cap — instead your data speed gets shaped.

Vodafone have introduced new plans that have new data caps and “infinite” data but also includes extra speed (on their mid to high-range plans) if you exceed your cap.

Arthur Panos, GM of Product and Devices reflected on the changes when he said:

We are moving beyond the simple data allowance concept and giving our customers a usage experience that suits their needs and delivers peace of mind that they can stay connected in a way that works for them even if they happen to go over their Max Speed data.

The SIM only plans start at $40 per month for 30GB of unshaped data and 2Mbps when shaped, through to 150GB of data at $120 per month and a shaped data speed of 25Mbps. If you’re looking somewhere in the mid-range, for $55 per month you’ll get 60GB and a palatable –admittedly not brilliant though — 10Mbps when shaped.

They are interesting changes that Vodafone delivered with this announcement. Whether it will bring new customers to the fray is yet to be seen, but it will almost certainly result in customers being happier with their mobile service when they exceed their data allowance.

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Did Vodafail actually say what each of these 4 plans will be shaped down to ?
Knowing that info is more important than their spamvertizing lie of ‘Infinite* Data’
*not actually infinite as there is a practical limit to what you will be able to download once your access is crippled by shaping.


150 GB is a long way from infinite data. That’s like saying nobody will ever need more than 25 Mbps download. Oh wait!! That’s your infinite data speed??? What a cruel world NBN Co have created for Australia. I imagine the T&C’s stipulate that during the coexistence period between NBN Co and Vodafone’s offer that they only need to provide infinite (unfit) data speeds of 12.5 Mbps? Because, nobody needs better than ADSL 2+, especially while we spend billions and pay huge bonuses while cutting stuff.


These are mobile plans, not NBN plans.