Google Messages has certainly seen a lot of updates over the past few weeks and months, demonstrating that Google is at least trying to get its RCS based messaging strategy to be successful. To that end, the team at XDA have spotted a new feature for Messages that aims to make dealing with One Time Passwords (OTP) easier, auto delete.

There’s not a lot to see yet, however, code found in the Google Messages app point towards a few feature that would auto delete OTP 24 hours after they were received. OTP are by their very nature temporary and transient, so there is no need to keep them and for those who like a clean messages UI this may be a great feature.

Personally, I’d like Google to work on some needed features like multi-device support, easier web sign-in or cross-platform/ OEM integrations. With Google’s ‘openish’ approach to Messaging, it requires far too many players with vested interested to choose to be a part of the program. In time we think Google will either have to run a worldwide back end or relegate Messages and RCS to the pile of Google’s failed messaging strategies.

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Henry Stickmin