We knew this was coming but that doesn’t make it any easier. Google Play Music has been in the gun for quite a while and the full shutdown is now imminent, especially when you consider that now they have lost functionality, something that is a basic feature you would suspect — playing music on Assistant-powered speakers.

For those that have been hanging on to their Google Play Music as long as they could their use will now be limited. The option to have your Google Play Music account linked to your Assistant has now been removed. Although not all countries are seeing this disappearance it has been confirmed in many — including here.

The kicker is that not only can’t you see the option but you cannot tell your Assistant to play any music from Google Play Music. You can still Cast to your Assistant speaker though which is a work around for now.

The writing is on the wall though. It is only a matter of time before more functionality is removed and the service is entirely shuttered. If you’ve been hanging onto Google Play Music this long it is finally time to let it go and move on — either to YouTube Music or another streaming music service.

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Google sucks. They are pushing their loyal customers away with their beta company bull.
Why can they not produce a quality final product, looks to me like a lot of managers justifying their position.


I have thousands of tracks individually curated from as many albums not available to stream and I’m supposed to just give them up because Google decided I needed to pay them for the privilege to not listen to them, hoorah, that’s obviously a winning strategy!


And all your locally stored music, without over the air metered downloads, are totally fark… Gone into the abyss.
Goodbye My loyal beats I will miss you forever.


Hmm , disappointing , oh well time to try something else..


I was a paying member of Google Play Music, swapped over to YouTube Music a few months ago…. and yesterday didn’t renew my subscription. I’ve signed up with Spotify instead which is much more of a GPM like experience, and whilst not perfect feels much more usable than YTM. I’ll miss the YouTube Premium part of the subscription though, I was loving the lack of ads, but a music streaming service is the main reason I’m paying, so I’ll just have to live with it


The Google Play music app in phones and Android TV is also unavailable.
Google Play music is Australia is completely gone.

YouTube Music can now cast your personal library to Google speakers but you can not request songs, album or artist via the Google assistant without paying for YouTube premium