Google has been trying to get their Assistant onto as many devices as possible for a while now. The sheer number of devices it exists on is massive and this looks set to expand even more with not just the release of Lenovo’s new Smart Clock Essential but by moving into more TVs and smartwatches.

Google has been promising the integration of Assistant into Fitbit watches for a while now and although the acquisition of Fitbit by Google has been stalled for nearly 12 months now that hasn’t stopped them working together to bring Assistant to their newer smartwatches. Coming this Australian summer to the newer Fitbit Sense and the Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatches is the new Assistant.

The Assistant on these new Fitbit devices will allow you to start a Fitbit exercise, control timers, manage tasks, add items to your shopping list and most all with simple voice control. It is unclear just when this will roll out to Australian devices but we expect it to be around the same time as US devices — there are no carriers or locally tweaked software slowing updates down here.

Google isn’t done there either. Assistant is also making its way onto 2020 Samsung TVs. With a press of the remote’s mic button you’ll be able to ask Google to change channels, adjust the volume, control playback, open apps and more. We are not entirely sure of the actual value here given that you can do all this from the remote anyway and you have to pick up the remote to use Assistant so …….

Google has added the ability to ask Google on your Samsung TV to search for content based on mood, genre or actor and get personalised recommendations. You can also use this Assistant to control your smart home as well as other Assistant functions such as asking for the weather etc.

It is unclear when the Assistant will be rolled out to Samsung TVs in Australia but Samsung seem to be fairly quick with updates so hopefully it will arrive in the very near future.

I’m not sure any of us really need more general Assistant devices as most of us would have various Assistant-powered speakers etc scattered everywhere. It is the device-specific functionality and integration which is nice to have. The more the merrier.

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    Are people really too lazy to push a button and change channel?
    No. I must press a button and ask to change a channel. Why? Other than to allow Google to be even more intrusive in our life’s!


    I do agree, but on the all too many occasions when the children have hidden the tv remote, having Google available as backup could be handy.