As the 5G rollout continues to march on network providers want you to know that their services is the fastest, covers more people, covers more area or has the most towers. It’s going to be a game of cat and mouse, however, regardless of the marketing, it’s always good to know more.

With the addition of 5G to their coverage maps, Telstra is providing a glimpse of where 5G is active and where it will be rolling out soon. Of course, just because an area has ‘5G coverage it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the fabled gigabit speeds everyone is wanting.

5G is the next phase of mobile cellular technology, and we’re truly glad to see the rollout process starting, we’ll never say no to more speed, greater coverage or better access, but temper your expectations this early on.

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The 5g coverage has shown surrounding areas but not whete I Live and nobody from Telstra or the Telstra shopp can tell you anything, so the public are kept in the dark.


This has been on Telstra’s website for months


Yeah, why is this news now?


never knew Toowoomba has 5G coverage 😳


I’m curious, dies anyone know whether the current “5g” infrastructure going to be used for mmwave 5g? Having only recently found out that Australia’s 5g is bullshit sub6 5g, makes me wonder is there any point buying a 5g phone/ having a 5g plan?


The speed bump from 4gx to sub 6ghz 5g is still fairly significant in most cases.

For example, my result below (within 100m of a tower)
And fairly consistent 200-300mbps from home, about 600m from the tower.


Good question mate , yesterday i did a speed test on my year old ish android phone in melbourne outer burbs on 4g (telstra ) , i dont have a 5g phone, but got a low 400 meg something down load speed, I thought , that cant be right so i did the test again and still got 376 meg down load ,
i cant remember what the upload was , i do remember thinking it was also good for 4g .

Michael W

Hi Guys, this has been available for months now, I’m not sure why this is breaking news?


I was thinking the same thing.
I used the live 5g coverage checker to confirm my house was within radius back in June.
It hasn’t changed much since then.


I’ve checked the telstra 5g map quite a few times, it seems either they are not doing much or they rarely update the progress map.