With more and more banks coming online it’s getting longer and longer between new additions to the list of supported financial institutions. Today Zip.com, the company behind Zip Pay and Zip Money have added two of their cards to Google Pay.

We originally reported that you could add a Zip Credit card based on the information on the Google support page. After contact with Zip it turns out the new offering is actually an instant virtual card.

Using the Zip app you can create an instant virtual Visa card and add it to Google Pay. This then enables you to use your Zip account anywhere that Visa payments are accepted.

While we know many of you are waiting for your bank to get added to the list, at least those using Zip can jump onboard the mobile payment bandwagon.

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@Wendy Thanks thought I was understanding it wrong.

I know about Zip

Website is wrong. it’s zip.co

And you CAN add your Zip Pay card to google pay. (But not zipmoney)


“If you have a Zip Visa or Zip Card you can not add it to your Google Pay wallet in the G Pay app.”

You can now add or you can not add? Why does Ausdroid not proofread their articles before publishing them despite being called out on this numerous times; makes you lose credibility …