To say 2020 has been a strange year is a massive understatement and one of the strange things was Google releasing three mid to premium range Pixel smartphones but no ultra-premium. In doing so they kicked a lot of their recent technological advances to the curb which surprised a lot of us.

If the unsubstantiated rumour from overnight is to be believed Google are instead looking to release their ultra-premium Pixel that we expected in October this year in March of next year.

As Max, a well known leaker, states, the rumour is definitely unsubstantiated but he does say that he has heard it from two different people — you could call that corroboration. There is very little else to go on for this and the time of the release does not make sense — unless they release a Pixel 5a at the same time.

So what would a Pixel 6 ultra-premium flagship entail — we would expect a Snapdragon 875 chipset for support of a 2k display (765 doesn’t support that), the return of Motion Sense and hopefully Edge Sense. So many of us also hope that Google decide to finally just give in an stick a triple rear camera on the phone — who doesn’t want telephoto AND ultra-wide angled.

We recommend that you take this rumour with not the usual grain of salt but a massive helping of salt. The timing does not make sense although an ultra-premium one does. You can be sure that if this is true we will be hearing a lot more before the end of the year.

Fingers crossed for an ultra-premium Pixel? Or are you happy with the mid-range offerings of this year?

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Joshua Hill

Whatever happens I hope Google continue to have a flagship phone or very close to it with only a 6″ screen or whatever gives them a vertical height of 144mm or less. Any bigger and I can’t comfortabley put my phone in the front pockets of a lot of my pants. Damn all you bloody people with your desires for bigger phones lol.


A pixel 5 style phone (no special features like MotionSense) with larger screen 6.8″, big battery, extra zoom camera and wireless charger please

I will be ready to replace my phone at that time. Something like the above title be ideal.


I’m still running my Nexus 6P and using it to post this comment. Still waiting for the 4a 5G to become available to order and hoping that will be a noticeable upgrade. Not going to wait even longer to mid-2021 to get a flagship.

Island Computers

People who create rumours in the internet are like droids in the Mos Eisley cantina., Not welcome and we shouldn’t serve their kind … was that a good analogy? It didn’t sound like it but hey, I think you get what I mean. I heard it from two unnamed individuals. That sounds like the same level of validity I’d expect from a flat earther. I personally need to replace my Pixel 2 XL with a phone with more storage and it won’t be the Pixel 5 that’s for sure. It’s just not good enough. I’ll probably get the S20 FE… Read more »

Simon Coyle

Currently have a Pixel 2XL, 93% of original battery capacity, won’t buy a 4a 5G or a 5. I need a big screen to support large fonts and display size or wear glasses to read standard settings. Main wishlist: 6.5-7″ screen, SnapD 8 series, 8GB RAM, 90-120Hz, 1 great photo lens and a depth sensor to match, if I want DSLR quality I will use my DSLR, but I like taking reference shots with a phone, metal chassis, non glass back coz it gets a high impact wrap case, floating finger predictive scanning from 20Mp front lens or proximity sensor… Read more »


It is normal to release a “flagship”, although a Pixel with three cameras … 😳. But hope dies last 🙂, and the price … 🤬. I doubt it very, very much, but hope … 🥳.


“The timing does not make sense although an ultra-premium one does.” Why does an ultra-premium phone make sense? From what we know, the high-end Pixel phones simply did not sell well at all. It’s the reason why they made an affordable Pixel 5 phone, because they were failing at the high-end. Now all of a sudden they’re going to once again make a high end device? That doesn’t make any sense. In addition to that, Sundar Pichai in the Q3 earnings call said that with the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5, they have managed to show a clear value proposition… Read more »

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Jared P Mayfield

I have had galaxy nexus, nexus 5,6,6P, Pixel XL, 2XL,3 and 4. I’ve listed my 4 on eBay like I do every year but not selling as quick as in previous years. I really miss the fingerprint sensor and decent battery life.


Sorry side question, where to get the Pixel wallpapers seen in the header image of this article? Are they available to other Pixel devices?

Stuart Binning

Well after just spending au $999 on a new pixel 5, I hope not I can’t afford to be splashing out +$1k Willy Nilly. Pixel,5. Great phone.. software wise it’s smoother an faster than my premium mi phone Mi 10 Small an light easy on the pocket when riding pushbike. Love rear panel fingerprint sensor. Naturally where the finger falls for one handed operation. Compared to very heavy n large mi 10 with front panel fp sensor, which kept pressing me u know where while in my pocket on the treadly. ( Battery powered of course) Cameras are superb. Now… Read more »

Ben Johnson

I’m on a Pixel 3 waiting for the Pixel 5, but the reports of terrible speaker quality worry me a LOT. The Pixel 3 had the dual front facing speakers, and I’ll happily hang onto it for now. The only people who seem to care about thin bezels are bloggers.


I’ve owned the Nexus 5, 5X, 6P, Pixel 2XL, 3XL and 4XL and I’m really happy to see Google going to the sub-premium market that is the Pixel 5. I don’t need a glass backed phone, I put it in a case. I don’t need the latest greatest Snapdragon CPU as I don’t do 3D gaming nor do I video edit on my phone. My partner uses my 2XL from 3 years ago and it’s still a smooth fast phone that takes superb photos. But there’s 2 reasons why I won’t be buying the Pixel 5 even though I’m really… Read more »

Haris Shaikh

I have had a nexus 4,5 6p. Pixels were too pricey and I needed Vanilla Android. I went to Oneplus 1,3t,5. My Wife had Nexus 4,5 , Oneplus 1,3t and 6 . Now oneplus has gone the samsung way and lost its Mojo. Maybe that’s why Carl Pei left the business cause he didnt like the direction the company is going in. Now I wanna buy the pixel but Im worried in 2 years it will slow down. Premium phones are over priced. I buy my phones outright so this year has been a dillema because i really want to… Read more »

Dannielle Cara

I am with you in regards needs – fast software updates, large screen and good camera. But I currently have the 3XL so am looking forward to a flagship XL (March) next year, as I am underwhelmed by the size and reviews of this year’s 5 thus won’t be buying one.


I’m pretty happy with the Pixel 5. The 756 does everything I need it to. Only thing it struggles with is when mobile hotspot it on (kids tablet), and you try streaming Spotify via bluetooth. Then it struggles.

Commenter 1

Honestly, Im not sure what Google is doing these days. They seem like a teenager going through puberty, trying to find themselves and doing a poor job.


may be Pixel 4S with face recognition that no major bank will support