Samsung smart TVs already have Bixby built in but many can also use Amazon’s Alexa as well for their digital assistant. Unfortunately Google Assistant is not available for Samsung TVs, which is a strange one given Samsung’s close relationship with Google in the smartphone space.

Available in some countries already on Samsung’s 2020 range of 4K and 8K smart TVs, you can now use Google Assistant as their digital assistant. Not only that but it can be used alongside Alexa (and Bixby, if anyone here actually uses that) and as such can control so many smart devices in your household.

Google Assistant of course brings with it the ability to search and display many of your own Google services such as Google Photos, Maps, Calendar and more along with its search engine which is much better than what Alexa can do.

By bringing Google Assistant to Samsung Smart TVs, we want to connect your living room with the rest of the smart home and help you better manage your day, across your favorite Google services. With our collaboration with Samsung, we are able to offer help from Google assistant to more people around the world right from the big screen.Jack Krawczyk Director, Product Management for Google Assistant

Using voice commands for either digital assistant users can also now browse channels, adjust the volume, control playback, open apps and more just by asking a particular digital assistant to do so.

Google Assistant on selected Samsung smart TVs is now available in the UK, France, Germany and Italy and will be rolling out to a total of 12 countries by the end of the year. At this stage it is unclear whether it will land here in Australia or not.

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hopefully this is an indication that samsung may entertain g assistant on watches