The latest update to the Google Home app is reversing a faux pas that was made in a previous version. By reinstating the ability to remotely trigger routines, a lot of users will be very pleased, but there’s more. As more devices are connected in our homes, these routines and intuitive controls are becoming extremely important.

The updated interface includes an outstanding update to the media controls with in the app. Rather than just having a basic volume and cast target list, you’re now greeted with visual setup. This includes the ability to scrub through tracks, play/pause, skip and reverse tracks as well as the previous volume controls and target devices.

The personalised routine settings have improved on the latest Home app rollout. There is now also a play button next to each and every routine in your library. By default you’ll trigger each routine on your mobile device, this is configurable at a single touch at the bottom of the list. The choice you make will be remembered as your preferred option for the next routine triggered too.

With the growth of connected and smart home setups, the development of the Home app is a component in its growth. How far this will all go is anyone’s guess right now.