Google have partnered with Lucas Films before to bring Star Wars characters to life through their augmented reality in the past and they are doing it again with “iconic moments” from the first season of The Mandalorian now available on some devices.

The new Mandalorian AR Experience is now available on the Play Store for 5G Pixels and other select 5G Android smartphones. The complete list of compatible devices can be found here. The Mandalorian AR Experience puts you “in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the trail of Mando, Din Djarin and the Child”.

Once set you can interact with the characters in AR and capture your own scenes to then share with others. The new experience is hyper-detailed and contains life-like animations designed to make use of the network speeds on 5G devices. They have also used the Depth API where occlusion is enabled to allow “3D scenes to blend more naturally” with your world (virtual items will appear behind or in front of objects in your room).

Google will be adding more content each week on “Mando Mondays” with some Pixel-exclusive content outside of the app also on the way.

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Quentin Wright

Works perfectly on my 4G OnePlus 7T Pro so may be worth trying to install even if you don’t have 5G.