With Google on a bit of a re-branding drive lately rumours are surfacing that the Android Dialler app may be seeing a splash of the old red, blue, yellow and green along with a more Googlely moniker. If a recent ad spotted on YouTube is correct then the ‘Phone by Google’ app may well be know as “Google Call”.

The advertisement links to the current Play Store listing, but shows the redesigned Logo along with the Google Call branding. With Google having widened the roll-out of the dialler recently as well as added many features to the app of late it’s not surprising that Google may be wanting to push the dialler as part of their ‘communication’ strategy.

It’s unclear why this ad is showing up before the re-brand, perhaps the marketing and PR departments have their timing our of sync? If the dialler app is indeed about to get an update, we wonder what app could be next? Perhaps Messages now that Google has finished the international roll-out of RCS?

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This app looks like donkey shit

Phillip Malone

Are you able to talk to your Google Contacts about if us Pixel users are likely to ever get some of the automagic phone answering features (on hold waiting, spam call answering, etc) here in Australia anytime soon? I would so love it especially now my old home phone number routes to my mobile!