Singapore based mobile telco Circles.Life has made a splash since entering the Australian market a year ago and they are known for offering good deals on a regular basis.

Their newest end of year offers run from 11 Dec (3pm AEDT) – 31 Dec (9pm AEDT) and are detailed below.

The pick of the deals in my view is Triple data + 20% off: 60GB FOR $22.40 for 6 months. To the best of my knowledge this is by far the best value for money / no contract lock in offer on the Optus network.

An honourable mention goes to their second offer 100GB for $30.40 (Save: $7.60/month) for 6 months for readers who want even more data for streaming video etc.

Not as great is their 8GB offer for $14.40 discounted from $18. A few days ago the same plan was available for 6 months at $10/month.

100GB for $30.40
Now: 100GB for $30.40
Was: 100GB for $38.00
Save: $7.60 for 6 months

Triple data + 20% off: 60GB FOR $22.40

Now: 60GB for $22.40
Was: 20GB for $28
Save: $5.40 for 6 months and get 40GB of Bonus Data

8GB for $18
Now: 8GB for $14.40
Was: 8GB for $18
Save: $3.60 for 6 months