Streaming services, now everyone has to have one it seems. While the dream of a single service that would let you just access any content you want seems to be alluding us, what we are getting is dozens of walled content gardens, and now Paramount’s app is ready for prime time.

While Paramount+ is launching in Australia sometime in ‘late 2021’, we do not yet have a subscription price for Australia, based on the US pricing it could be as much as $14.99 a month, which is getting up there a little. There will also be an add supported tier offered after launch.

We are glad Australia is getting the service, there is nothing more frustrating than not legitimately accessing the content you want. Between content distribution deals, multiple monthly subscriptions and the inability to access some content, it’s not surprising that piracy remains a big issue for the video industry.

It’s clear that consumers want a more ala cart method of selecting content, the issue is networks rely on selling you a bindle of content you don’t want in order to access the content you do. You never know, while we wait for Paramount+ the entire streaming industry might just figure this out.

You can check out the Playstore listing below, but the app is region locked.

Price: Free

Android Phones and Tablets

Price: Free

Android TV/ Google TV

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    Paul Warner

    I wouldn’t be clapping too much with Paramount + opening in Australia and NZ . There is currently programs that are on CBS All Access that are on Netflix outside the US like Star Trek Discovery and The Blacklist. If you want to watch these you will now have to sub to Paramount. also I suspect the content will be lite compared to the US feed.


    typo, second sentence.
    “seems to be alluding us”
    should be
    “seems to be eluding us”
    “Alluding” means suggesting, hinting, pointing to
    “Eluding” means escaping, avoiding