In a world where we’re always connected and always time-poor, entertainment is changing. We’re now in a space — Thanks largely to TikTok — where users are looking for instant entertainment. Whether this is quick access or simply quick results there is that expectation. Netflix has moved with the times introducing “Fast Laughs”, a TikTok-like feed with quick entertainment value.

Fast Laughs offers a full-screen feed of funny clips from our big comedy catalogue including films (Murder Mystery), series (Big Mouth), sitcoms (The Crew) and stand-up from comedians like Kevin Hart and Ali Wong.

It’s a never-ending feed of short clips from the comedy catalogue on Netflix. It has a neat little feature in that you’ll be able to add a show to your add to your list, or simply begin viewing the full feature at a single touch. You can also instantly share what you’re watching across a variety of chat and social media options to your friends.

Unfortunately, in the short term, this only is available on iOS. Don’t fret though, testing is expected to start on an Android version “soon”.