Following Google IO 2021 where the next phase for Wear OS was announced we have been anticipating hardware announcements. Fossil and its related brands such as Michael Kors, Diesel and Armani to name a few have formed a major portion of the last generation of Wear OS devices.

With the new merging of Wear OS, Tizen and Fitbit alongside the news that ‘new hardware’ will a part of the next generation of Wear OS devices Fossil had officially announced that they will be making premium Fossil-branded devices for the platform.

For those wondering premium will mean higher-priced, which we hope symbolises that finally Wear OS will be fully consumer-ready. The device is reported to come with a slew of hardware upgrades and more focus on fitness tracking.

For those with existing Fossil and co-brand watches unfortunately the OS update will not make its way to older hardware. considering the dependence on new hardware that is hardly sup[rising, but we’re sure it’s still a little disappointing.

We are very ready to see Wear OS mature and can’t wait to get our wrists on the hardware. With IFA in September being a common launch time for Fossil it may be a long wait until we finally see a next-gen Wear OS Smart Watch from Fossil.

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gd luck with updates, will become just like android phones since these OME’s will start adding junk on top