When it comes to having an integrated home system, Google is at the pointy end of the list as a platform of choice. With hardware like the Google Nest speakers and Nest Hubs, it’s easy to see why. Now Google has taken a step further into the home security battleground with four new “DIY Security” offerings.

Collectively the units have been designed by the Google team with a number of key areas in mind. Each unit needs to be smart, versatile, designed for real homes while being private and secure. That’s a lot to deliver in a range of hardware, but Google has noted that with the significant growth of the market for video Doorbells, security cameras and floodlights expected to continue it’s a market they can’t ignore.

The smart features included in the cameras and floodlight are the types of AI detection normally only available via subscription. The ability to detect people, animals, vehicles and packages out of the box (and on device) result in a very low, to near-zero false notification rate. Of course, if you want a higher level of protection you can subscribe to Nest Aware for recording and playback advantages. For security minded users, your video data is encrypted in transit and in storage making the footage from out and inside your home secure.

Google has made a point of noting that they hear the want from consumers for products to just work as individual items, but perhaps more importantly, together. Through this, all four devices are designed to work with the Google platform, Nest hubs in particular as an extra set of eyes around your home, to view the stream on your mobile device (Google Home app), or to cast to any Chromecast compatible device. The cameras also have the onboard capacity to record locally which can then upload to the cloud should your power and/or Internet go down.

The Nest Cam (Battery) – AU$329.00

The Nest Cam (battery) is designed with quick, but secure mounting in mind. The magnetic mounting is tested in high winds to ensure it won’t accidentally dislodge. It is battery powered, but also has a waterproof power cable and solar panel available for continued power. If you’re mounting the camera in a publicly accessible area, there is also an anti-theft mounting available.

It’s built to withstand the elements including rain, UV and even snow for the few regions of Australia that experience it. In theory, it’s got the capability to take a beating from the weather, even in an exposed position. You can pre-order on the Australian Google Store now, or buy instore from 25 August.

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) – $329.00

Entering into an already competitive market, the Nest Doorbell brings with it some desirable options. The basics include tow way talk, video and the AI detection mentioned earlier. It’s a battery-powered unit with the option to power your doorbell from existing cabling to replace an old doorbell. The installation can be a simple, wire-free setup that will take you mere minutes to get online. You can pre-order on the Google Store now, or buy instore from 25 August.

Google Nest Cam Floodlight – $549.00

Getting deeper into home integration is the hardwired Nest Cam Floodlight. A dual light, camera sensor that has all of the same smarts and streaming capabilities as the other devices. The additional feature is the floodlight capability making it an ideal safety addition for entry pathways into your home or business or a driveway to capture the comings and goings from your premises.

Google advises that the Google Nest Cam Flood light will be available in Australia soon.

Google Nest Cam (wired) – $169.00

The Nest Cam (wired) is the follow up to the previous generation of Nest Cam that Google had to make. It’s smaller, sleeker, has higher resolution and more flexibility in how you can deploy it in your home. This is the most affordable camera that Google has ever released and offers a strong option for users who want some visibility in the living space of their home.

Google advises that the Google Nest Cam (wired) will be available in Australia soon

Google recommends that you have around 2Mbps bandwidth available per camera to ensure the quality of streaming and to avoid issues on your network. The Nest Camera and Doorbell are going to be available from August 25th (Nest Cam Floodlight and Nest Cam Wired at a later date) through the usual retailers and online via the Google Store.

If you’re looking at adding cameras to your smart home, how will the additional hardware from Google affect your buying decision?

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ahmad kishani

shit products , they removed the 4k sensor from last year nest cam and the new products already outdated


Already ordered a doorbell. Came with a free nest hub 2


Thanks Phil – keen to see reviews on these. The main limitation for NEST products and Google HOME is the lack of a true security system… ( after they killed NEST Secure ) … and their lack of integration for items such as movement sensors / sirens etc. I have Arlo Cameras and they have been getting progressively worse over time with hiccups and poor recordings – and simply no effective response form Arlo. So disappointing given the money I have invested into the ecosystem…. As such I would love to move to Nest Cameras… but I would still need… Read more »


Its been my frustration with a smarthome too. There is no single eco-system which has the ability to do everything. I guess we wait until Matter becomes and thing…

Jamie S

I invested in the ring cameras ecosystem which have been great until recently when all of a sudden the motion notification announcements on my echo devices stopped for some unknown reason. I got got tired waiting for Ring to release their security system so I recently purchased a Eufy 5 in 1 security system with an extra motion sensor for around $285. I highly recommend the Eufy starting at $250 and you can also add Eufy cameras to the system if you like and the cameras include local storage and no cloud subscription required to use them.