I’m a fan of audiobooks and one of the ways I listen to them is via the Audible app. Audible is an Amazon subsidiary that until now has offered a subscription service where Aussies can pay $16.45/month for 1 monthly credit that can be applied to add an Audible audiobook to their library.

In late 2019 Audible also gave subscribers access to download 1 specific popular extra Editor’s Extra audiobook eg: last month it was the Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

Recently Audible also started offering subscribers access to “Audible Original” podcasts like Stephen Fry’s Edwardian Secrets and some extra books eg: Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, that could be added to your Library without needing any credits.

Until today all the books you paid for using a credit, the Editor’s Extras and the bonus free subscriber podcasts and books like Stephen Fry’s Edwardian Secrets would remain in your Audible Library even if you paused your subscription or cancelled it for a while to save money.

Now that has changed with the launch of Audible Plus, which gives active members access to thousands of extra books eg: The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis and podcasts like It Burns! by Marc Fennell, without needing to use their Credits.

Will the new Audible Plus feature make you more likely to signup or keep your Audible subscription? Even if you’re not a long term Audible subscriber it could be worth joining during long holidays to binge on lots of Audiobooks for a flat monthly fee.

From now on Audible subscribers who pause or cancel will still retain access to any books they bought with credits and any monthly Editor’s Extras they added to their library.

However any book or Audible Original podcast they were partway through listening to from the Audible Plus collection will stop working, similarly to if you were subscribed to Kindle Unlimited for a while and then cancelled the subscription.