When the last generation of GoPro landed, it was clear that the direction was toward capturing life and lifestyle. The GoPro Hero 10 has solidified this, and now further accessories complement the pathway. The GoPro Volta is an impressive piece of kit paving the pathway to the Creator Edition.

The GoPro Volta gives you an easy way to maintain shooting for even longer without the cabling complication or need to change batteries. The features of the Volta include:

  • A 4,900mAh battery that provides you with nearly triple the battery capacity of the camera alone
  • Easy, one-touch controls to trigger your camera from the grip
  • A wireless remote to allow you the freedom to set up your camera then trigger it from a distance away
  • Weather resistance to ensure you’re not limited in your filming options
  • Tripod legs to give you flexibility for angles and steady shots in varied environments

Volta is available for $139.96 for GoPro subscribers and $199.95 outright RRP.

GoPro has put together the aforementioned creator kit to take this a step further. The kit costs $890.33 for subscribers, or $1,204.75 at full RRP but carries a lot of value. The inclusions of the kit are:

  • The GoPro Hero 10 Black Camera
  • The Volta Battery and Remote Control Grip
  • The Media Mod features a built-in directional microphone, two cold-shoe mounts and
    ports for 3.5mm mic and HDMI-out
  • The Light Mod which provides up to 200 lumens of light for better clarity to your Vlogging in low light conditions

A GoPro was focused on capturing action and adventures in times gone by. With the movement towards online activities, Vlogging and lifestyle change, the company has moved with the times and maintained relevance across markets. It will be interesting to see the changes when the next generation of GoPro lands.