When we reviewed the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, a notable omission from security was face unlock. For many users, this isn’t a big deal but for regular users of the feature, the absence was a problem.

It seems though if the Reddit post is true, that the feature may be coming to Pixel 6 devices. User Special_Command7893 notes in his post, that he thought the mention was curious. In a follow up elaborating:

I need to clear something up. I am not seeing this option in my settings at all the only time I ever saw it was during my setup process which I have only done once and thought that someone here would find it interesting. There is no option to turn on face unlock and it never wanted me to register it when I set up my phone. There is no face unlock feature yet. That is just something that I saw in the setup process.

It doesn’t look like Google is ready to release face unlock to everyone yet, but it may be coming soon…