Peripheral preference is a very personal thing in computing, particularly for gamers. The size and shape of a mouse, the grip you use and your preferred weight all play their part in purchasing decisions. Razer has added the lightweight Viper V2 Pro to its list with over 20% weight reduction on its predecessor.

The design of the Viper V2 Pro has been completed with esports stars, with performance in mind. Carrying a full suite of Razer’s own switches sensors and outstanding battery life; this isn’t a throwaway item, it’s an investment into gaming comfort and performance at AU$259.95

When talking about the release recently, Chris Mitchell, Head of Razer’s PC Gaming Division said:

“We are not content with simply cutting down on weight here. Both esports professionals and the greater mouse community played a significant role in the development of the Viper V2 Pro, addressing their comments, whether they are about switch and sensor improvements or something as simple as optimizing the protrusion of the side buttons.”

The earlier mentioned performance specs are top of the line, featuring a Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor — with DPI control — for tracking accuracy thanks to the Smart Tracking and Motion Sync.That performance is a long term expectation too with the enclosed optical switches being rate for up to 90 million clicks.

The Viper V2 Pro is rechargeable via USB-C where the previous iteration required a mouse dock — at an extra $79.00 — and has optional grip tapes pre-cut to the Viper V2 Pro’s shape for better grip in battle. If you’re ready to drop some coin on a mouse upgrade, they’re available now in either black or white at JB Hi-Fi.