With the cost of food, transport and other living essentials rising across Australia and worldwide it’s a good idea to look for ways to cut your monthly bills. One way is to switch to a cheaper mobile plan and Circles.Life wants to be who you switch to by promising no price increases until the end of 2023.

Telstra increased its post-paid plans between $5-15 per month in 2021 and by another $2-4 on 1 July 2022. Optus recently also lifted prices on some it’s older mobile plans for existing users by up to 10%.

By switching to a better priced MVNO like Circles.Life you could potentially cut your monthly bill and increase your data quota.

My experience in the past of porting into Circles.Life for promo deals was that the first month you paid pro-rata full monthly price and the second month onward you got the promo discount price.

In a great recent decision to improve customer experience, promo pricing from Circles.Life now starts on day one and customers no longer pay pro-rata full price for the first month.

Some things to be aware of

  • Circles.Life uses the Optus 3G/4G network so if you’re switching to them the places you use your phone need to have good Optus mobile coverage.
  • Circles.Life has no current plan for 5G mobile services but they will reconsider it when they decide that their customers will benefit from 5G access. At present they say the majority of their customers are not using 5G capable phones.

As part of their “Big Price Freeze” promise there are a few promotional plans for new customers porting in to Circles.Life as well as for existing customers who ask to switch over:

  • 100GB plan is available for $30 per month with code FREEZE100 for $15 off (originally
    $45/month) for 18 months
  • 30GB plan is available for $20 per month with code FREEZE30 for $5 off (originally
    $25/month) for 18 months

Commenting on the price freeze, Nicholas Demos, Head of Country at Circles Life said:

“When the cost of everything is going up, we want to be the odd one out and give Aussies some much needed relief. We’re calling it The Big Price Freeze, and customers from any telco in Australia can switch to Circles Life and lock in their pricing for the next 18 months.”

“With costs of essentials soaring, the decision from Telstra to increase the price of their plans is a disservice to hard-working Australians and a pretty poor way to reward their loyal customers.”

“Businesses should be looking for ways to leverage technology to provide a more cost-efficient and seamless customer experience, so they can pass that onto their customers. We like to think we’re more tech than telco”.

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I actually have better Optus reception at my home than Telstra. But unfortunately, CoL doesn’t offer data banking…So I’m staying put!


Have you considered Amaysim? They offer data banking.


I’ll keep that in mind… thank you 🙂