Ring continues to develop and improve devices and, today, has launched the Indoor Camera (2nd Gen). Clearly, from the device name, it’s an indoor device and not IP rated for outdoor use. It’s also mains powered, so you’ll need to position your camera where power is available.

Improvements of the 2nd Gen include a privacy cover which also turns off the audio to increase privacy. This is a major step for those who want to maintain privacy in their home, although this is a manual setting; not an automated process.

Users can expect a continued high quality experience from the camera with the specs including 1080p HD Video, live view (you’ll need approx 2Mbps upload speed per camera), motion and privacy zones as well as the shield and notifications when movement is detected.

Should unexpected motion be detected you’ve got several features that will help you view, communicate with and ideally ward off unwanted visitors including:

  • Two-Way Talk
  • Colour Night Vision
  • Advanced Pre-Roll (with a Ring Protect subscription)

If you’re already in the Ring ecosystem, it’s a simple decision to add a couple of these to your setup. A single camera will set you back AU$99, AU$169.00 for two, AU$239.00 for three and a four pack is under $75 per unit at $299.00 at Amazon or Ring.

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its a terrible update

after three years they just put privacy shutter

still 1080p same thing ,