Nowadays, everyone uses smartphones, from small children to old people. Today, we will talk about useful mobile applications that will make the life of a modern student easier and help to boost their academic success. During their studies, students often have to remember and process large amounts of information. Nowadays, there are many educational apps that can make the lives of young people learning science much easier. Applications can be installed on a laptop or smartphone. Next, we will talk about the most common ones.

MyWriter – Freelance Writers

We have all at least once experienced problems with paper writing. For such situations, there is a MyWriter, an essay writing app for students. This app is full of professional writers who know everything about academic writing and are ready to help. You can find a writer who will be knowledgeable in your discipline and topic. If you have problems with essay writing but don’t want to spend money on writing help, there is an option for you. You can use an AI essay writer to create your paper. This writer is perfect for those who don’t know what to write about on a specific topic. However, you should not submit the paper written by such a writer in the way you receive it. Use it as a source of inspiration.


It is perhaps difficult to find a student who would not visit the library when preparing a term paper or report. Unfortunately, some books exist in a single copy, and you can only work with them in the reading room. If previously a student had to spend several hours taking notes on the desired topic, now it will be enough to install Scanbot on their smartphone and scan the necessary information. In this case, the image quality will be much higher than when photographing. The application allows you to sort scans into albums, upload them to the cloud, or convert them to PDF format.


It is a free application with which you can read e-books. Thus, you have the opportunity to study on the road or while walking, speeding up the educational process and making it more effective. The application supports smartphones and tablets on Android.


It is a godsend for students who don’t like to read a lot and don’t remember visual text well. The program allows you to listen to audiobooks. You will better assimilate the necessary information and get rid of the need to carry stacks of books with you. The application can be installed on iOS and Android. Synchronization with other devices is also supported, so you can listen to information from anywhere. The application also works in the absence of the Internet; to do this, you need to download the book you are interested in in advance. This is very convenient when traveling when there are network problems.


It is an application for devices running on Android. It is a voice recorder with which you can easily convert speech into text format. An excellent option for students who do not have time to take notes in lectures. It supports more than sixty world languages. If you download the language in advance, you can work with the application offline.


This application is designed as a schedule. With its help, it is easy to plan certain tasks. It has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to set a reminder about a lecture, the need to take a test, come to a meeting, etc., in just a few clicks. All tasks can be divided by importance, deadlines, groups, etc. As an additional motivation, points are awarded. The application has both a free and paid version with additional options. Android and iOS are supported.

MyScript Calculator

It is an indispensable application for students of technical and mathematical fields who have to deal with complex calculations. The program supports handwritten input of information, so you can write down the entire example. In this case, there is no need to separately indicate powers of numbers, square roots, etc. The application automatically converts what is written into characters and shows the finished result.


It is a voice recorder that can be installed on any iOS device. It allows you to listen to individual fragments of an audio recording.

Smart Alarm Clock

A smart alarm clock takes into account the student’s biorhythms and goes off at the most appropriate moment. Thus, the student wakes up quite easily and in a great mood. In addition, the program supports the function of recording sounds. That is, you can find out whether you are snoring or talking in your sleep. The application is free. There are a number of additional paid options. For those who have difficulty waking up, there is the Puzzle Alarm Clock app. It allows you to configure how to turn off the alarm. For example, you can do this by solving a math test or shaking your smartphone repeatedly.


This schedule creation application is adapted to work on Android. The interface is designed in the form of a diary: the user can not only create an up-to-date schedule but also record detailed information about teachers, the name of the discipline, the type of classes being held, indicate their duration, etc