Yes, we’re just as disappointed as you are that we’re not going to be live-streaming the Ausdroid Podcast tonight. Lucas is away chillaxing, Geoff is turning 21 again (Happy Birthday!), Scott has to work his real job, and the rest of us need an early night. Don’t worry your pretty little faces though, as we’ll be back next week (August 3rd) to catch up on the last 3 weeks of Android and off topic goodness. If you’re interested in listening to past podcasts, click here. See-ya then!

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    Im getting withdrawal symptoms!


    Have you guys done any research on any of the new dual core QWERTies coming out?  Or have you heard any rumours about the Coming to Oz or mobitcity, ie droid 3, HTC Mytouch SLide and the Galaxy S2 Slider?