Last week we ran you through the timeline of Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich news, more or less to prepare you for today, and prepare you we did. By now you would have read our coverage of the event, and now it’s time to break it down. If you want the low down on everything Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich from today’s big Google/Samsung announcement, your in the right place. If you want to be a apart check out the check and live stream below.

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Yeah, Battery life id like to know about.
Also id love to know if ICS finally supports more exchange security features. With WP Mango, it finally supports them all, ios4 does also. Does ICS also join the ranks?

Plus, Its Galaxy Nexus, not Nexus Prime.. we can (try to) put that name to rest now.

Carsten Bauer

Is that 2130 local time for QLD, NSW, VIC? Can you please let readers know to make it easier to listen in? We’ve got like 8 different timezones in the country right now dont we? 🙂

Milty C

See you then boys ! Im Hoping you guys can not find any major weaknesses in this beauty. Im virtually sold on the galaxy nexus but my only possible concerns are

– Is it too long (too much bezel)
– Possibly under-powered for graphics
– Battery life ?

Hopefully these are answered tonight.