We’re just a few weeks out from the official announcement of the Hauwei Mate 20 series, but it appears the Mate 20 ship has sprung another couple of leaks with Israeli site g-rafa showing off the slide deck from what appears to be the launch.

The slides show off a few new tidbits of information about Huawei’s upcoming flagship including the confirmation of a massive 4,200mAh battery. The launch will also see the announcement of the next generation of Huawei’s fast charging technology with SuperCharge 2.0 bringing an impressive 70-percent charge in just 30 minutes. Huawei is also including wireless charging for the Mate 20 Pro, with support for 15W charging.

The triple camera array on the rear of the phone will change the setup from the P20 Pro, dropping the telephoto lens in favour of a new wide-angle lens. There will also be a 24MP sensor on the front of the phone. Huawei has also continued to improve the camera chops on the Mate 20, offering ‘Cinema Scene’ for videos which integrates Huawei’s AI into the video capture offering moving image tracking and more. Additionally the camera will capture in 21:9 aspect ratio and offer object tracking, auto-focus and more.

Huawei will definitely be including an in-display fingerprint scanner on the Mate 20 Pro, with additional face recognition technology in the front camera used for 3D face scanning and recognition. Huawei is apparently impressed with this aspect, putting a 500ms response time on the facial recognition. Face recognition can be used for a number of features including payments, as well as to lock/unlock apps and directories on your phone and customise areas for users on your phone.

Additionally on the security side is the inclusion of a technology which will either unlock your phone with a single word, as well as a new ‘Bone Voice ID’ which will aid in hearing your voice even during noisy, crowded areas – something to test in the crowded demo areas at the launch ;).

One spec we’re excited for is the inclusion of wireless desktop mode, called Easy Projection – Wireless. The tech appears to offer the desktop mode introduced in the Mate 10 but on a wireess connection to any supported monitor or TV.

Finally, a rumour regarding the launch of a new memory card type – Nano SD – a tiny new card which Huawei will make available in different sizes. Whether this is a Huawei only tech, or part of a broader removable memory launch isn’t clear, but proprietary expandable memory has been difficult to launch historically.

We’ll find out all about the Mate 20 Pro on October 16th when the phone is unveiled in London.

Source: g-rafa.
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Shaun Daly

With the spec’s on this phone and the p20 pro, Huawei are a true disruptor in a way that HTC were years ago, and now represent a real threat to Samsung and Apple’s consumer crunching business model with drip, drip hardware updates geared to maximising the sales cycle rather than truly offering anything different.

Huawei just need to get the software right and into a few more carriers in Australia.