While it began last year, 2018 has truly been the year of the notch, with more devices being launched with notches from many different manufacturers. Huawei has released several phones in both their high and mid-range but is set to possibly start a new trend, a device with a tiny hole in the display instead of a notch.

Huawei has hinted at the device, which is believed to be the Nova 4, showing a phone with a tiny hole in the left hand side of the display instead of a notch. If Huawei are looking to launch the device in the near future, this would beat Samsung, who is expected to release a device with the ‘Infinity-O’ display utilising the same hole in the display for an as yet unannounced phone, to market.

The promo image above shared to twitter via Ice Universe, clearly shows a camera hole in the upper left corner of the display. Though despite the extra screen availability at the top of the device, the bottom still comes with the usual ‘chin’ which has lead to speculation that Huawei is quite possibly utilising an LCD panel which could make bezel-less designs more difficult.

There has been no further mention of specs for the Nova 4 at this stage, but of course we could see more leaks as a possible launch could be sometime in December. We will have to wait and see is Huawei does beat Samsung to the market or vice-versa and we will be keeping an eye out for any news or updates on the Nova 4 as they come to hand.

Source: Ice Universe (Twitter).
Via: Android Police.
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Sujay Vilash

I prefer the notch


Remember – back in the day – when people would get upset if they found dead pixels on their new screen. They’d want to hand the unit back to the store.

Fast forward to 2019, and dead pixels (featured in notches and holes in the screen) are actually considered desirable.

A hole is a bit like a blowfly permanently sitting on your screen. “You’ll get used to it,” they’ll say.