The Pixel Buds are coming here and you would expect that they’re close given that today they have landed on the US Google Store. While we haven’t yet heard officially when we can buy the Buds in Australia, the app being available here is a great sign.

The app itself will only let you look at the pairing page for now, as it needs a pair of Pixel Buds to function. Once you do have a pair connected, there’s the usual host of features you’d expect to see along with a couple specific for the Pixel Buds:

  • Check battery levels
  • Learn how to use touch controls
  • Turn on/off Adaptive Sound
  • Turn on/off in-ear detection
  • Ring your earbuds to help find them
  • Control your Assistant and spoken notifications
  • Get tips and support

As detailed earlier today the Pixel Buds are available in Clearly White on the US Google Store but nowhere else. More colours are coming to the US “soon” and various colours to various other countries and regions in the “coming months”. In the meantime you can grab the app and be prepared for when they do actually drop here in Australia.

There are exciting times ahead with new Google goodies just around the corner, these being far more functional — on paper — than the previous generation. Perhaps it may be time for me to go back to Google and grab a new Pixel device and Pixel Buds.

Would you buy Pixel Buds from Google or would you prefer to buy from a dedicated audio company?

Google Pixel Buds
Google Pixel Buds
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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Brett A Adams

The Pixel 4 $150 Google Store credit expires on the 30th April, and I was convinced that Google was going to launch these on May 1st just so we couldn’t use the credit. However the US launch is giving me hope!


A commenter on an older post said they had messaged Google support (in the Tips & Support settings option on a Pixel) to ask them to extend the expiry. I did it and they extended my code until the end of the year.


Damn, Poo, and all those words. I was so convinced as well that I spent my $150 on a Pixel Stand and Case (neither I really wanted), just last week. Oh well I guess I have the $104.50 Google One credit I can still use.


I just messaged support, looks like they’ve extended it for everyone till the end of the year (but I haven’t seen that news posted anywhere else?)comment image

Phillip Malone

So, who did you contact about that?


You won’t have to, it’s applied to everyone


It worked for me! If we didn’t have to social distance I would kiss you. Thanks.