Last week we saw the Blueant X3 which is an impressive bit of kit for users who want a portable speaker. They’ve since contacted us with the release of the X5, a new bigger speaker with a significant additional feature – wired microphones.

The X5 is a portable, lightweight noise complaint waiting to happen, with superior audio that holds every note, word, sound and utterance to perfection all the way to max volume. Fears of distortion are dead for those music lovers and bass junkies keen to test the limits, with an intelligent LED lighting system, engaging microphone capability and a lightweight-but-sturdy form factor, the X5 is a portable party packing the best sound and bass in its class.

This speaker is another leap forward over the other offerings from Blueant. It’s physically larger, heavier (just under 4kg), produces louder volume and — as mentioned — microphones are included. So it’s understandable that the X5 costs notably more than other options — at $399 this isn’t something you’d purchase on a whim.

This is a speaker you’ll need to consider an investment for your adventures, outdoor events but potentially also use as an indoor option. The 60 Watt output gives you 110dB (freaking loud!) of sound from the 156mm woofer and 59mm tweeter. It will deliver playback for up to 20 hours on a single battery charge providing — as was the case with the X3 — you’re not using the built-in power bank to charge any devices.

At $399.95, the X5 will be available nationally in Telstra stores and JB HiFi from the first week of November. We’ll be spending some time — as will my neighbours (sorry!) — listening to the X5 and my kids singing into it over the next couple of weeks in readiness for our review, what would you like to know about it?