Smart tech is wonderful and makes life really easy for us some days, but sometimes setup is fiddly. Google has recognised this and worked towards making device setup fast, easy and seamless. As part of this, any compatible equipment will no longer just say “Works with Google”. You’ll see that the device you’re purchasing is compatible with the seamless setup with Google Home app.

Ultimately this culminates in a single app set up for users with a simple, follow the bouncing ball setup pathway. That eliminates the need for creating third party accounts, apps and increases your personal data security. As yet, there aren’t any devices we’re aware of carrying the new markings in Australia.

What this is showing though, is that Google is ready to take more control and responsibility for home automation. Now, all we need is for the device manufacturers to see the sense and make their hardware ready to integrate seamlessly.

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Making smart IoT devices more easily integrate seamlessly with your smart phones, through a new standard, is a good way to make more people want to try the devices. But what is REALLY needed, is for there to be an enforceable standard regarding security and updates.