We’ve had a number of leaks around the Pixel Watch; now, Android Central has received images of what appears to be a misplaced device. The images give us a clear look at the design facets of the device, which match well with previous renders and leaks.

The device is said to have been left behind in a restaurant in the US. The images also give us more information about the device than we’ve seen before. Of particular note are the bands, which look very much like previous generations of Fitbit devices.

The rear of the device doesn’t give any clear indication of charging options, which could suggest that we’re in for Qi charging only. It is clear that there is a rotating crown that will undoubtedly be used for multiple functions on the user interface, with what appears to be two side buttons complementing it. Unfortunately, the device won’t boot, so there are no actual interface images available at the moment.

The timing is right for “real world” testing to be getting completed before the rumoured launch at Google I/O next month. Personally, I have doubts that someone entrusted to carry an engineering sample like this would do something as careless as leaving it at a restaurant. With only a few weeks before the big reveal, the device has created a lot of interest and confirmed some rumours, not given new information.

Is this a deliberate act from Google, or a genuine accidental leak?

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I would say it’s an accidental leak. In any case, looking forward to having this on my wrist and replacing my Watch4. This looks slick!