Owners of Miracast certified phones have had very little in the way of options since the announcement of Miracast support in Android, but Netgear has finally made their Miracast certified PTV3000 Wireless Display Adapter available for sale in Australia.

The Wirless display adapter should be filtering into stores who stock Netgear products now and is priced at a RRP of $89. The Miracast PTV3000 is listed as being compatible with the Nexus 4, LG Optimus G and the Sony Xperia T/TL; devices certified for Miracast can be found over on the Wi-Fi Alliance certification page and from their listing I see that the Galaxy S4 is listed as well.


Netgear have advised that they’ll be sending a review unit as soon as possible, so if you have questions, we’ll soon have answers. List any questions you have in the comments and we’ll answer as best we can.

Source: Netgear.
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Where are these available? I’ve done a 10 minute Google search of the usual suspects of Harvey Norman, JB, Dick Smith, Officeworks, Bing Lee etc… and have come up with diddly poop.


@what the, have you tried videos/movies? Whats the quality like? Is there audio lag?

What the

works well with my xperia z after upgrading the adapter to the newer firmware, picked one up today at JB Sydney


how much did it cost?

What the

Cost me $88


Thanks. Bought one today from JB in Sydney for 88 bucks too.

Seems to work well so far with my Nexus 4 as long as I keep the PTV3000 at least a metre away from the TV or else it stutters badly. I think that’s just a problem with my TV though.


Let us know whenwherewhohow we can buy one of these in Australia as soon as you find out. I really want one but I’ve heard lots of bad reviews which may have been fixed since then. If I can buy from a major retailer, then i will.

Mohammad Danish

Here’s another list of supported devices.


Hmm the Note 2 isn’t listed!!!

Daniel Tyson

Not listed but technically will work, the All Share Cast component of TouchWiz should cover it. I have access to the Note II and will be testing it as well.


Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to reading the results


I’ve actually just bought the Panasonic blu ray DVD player with miracast. It works very well with my LG Optimus G. My only (small) compliant is that the audio in the movies lags a bit on the TV but then again that is why I bought the dvd player. 😉

Daniel Tyson

I’ve been eyeing those off, did you get the DMP-BDT230 or the DMP-BDT330?


The DMP-BDT230.

According to the reviews on the net, go for the 330 model if you are thinking of watching your movies on a 4K capable TV which I don’t have or need otherwise the 230 model has got good reviews and it’s only $167 from Harvey Norman.


I ordered one a few months ago from amazon (was only $60 delivered) and it works perfectly with the SGS3 and SGS4 as well

Dave I.

This should work with ‘Allshare Cast’ on the Galaxy S3. Please test the ‘old’ phone too.

Daniel Tyson

Will do. Going to test a wide variety of phones, but from what i’ve read the Galaxy S3 is compatible using as you said the ‘Allshare Cast’ function

George Lu

Hasn’t ‘Allshare Cast’ changed to ‘Samsung Link’?