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Telstra has begun a new novel way to sell accessories – through eBay. The nations largest mobile carrier has opened up their own eBay store to sell accessories for all types of handsets.

Telstra sees this as an opportunity to sell batteries, cases and covers, chargers, headsets, memory cards, screen protectors and smart watches through the worlds largest auction site, to the more than 7.3 million Australian users who use eBay every month. As well as these accessories, they also intend to offer online exclusives through the eBay store in the future.

The store is seen as complimentary to their in-store accessories, and to encourage people to use the new store, Telstra will be offering free delivery on purchases. Customers in metro areas will receive next day delivery, and customers outside the metro area will get their items in 3-5 business days.

It’s a pretty cool set up. If you have an accessory you need, it’s certainly somewhere to keep in mind when checking out accessories online. Head on over to eBay to check out Telstra’s new online store.

Source: Telstra.
Thanks: Beau Giles.
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Strange you don’t seem to be able to search when you go there on a mobile device.

“0 results found for nexus” – was interested, not anymore,…


Accessories for all types of accessories? Cool, I guess..