When asked about quality audio equipment, there’s pretty good odds that Bose is going to be one of the first names out there, and for good reason. They offer some fantastic hardware, giving users a sound experience that immerses them without costing the earth. We’ve previously reviewed quite a bit of Bose gear, including QC25 Noise cancelling headphones, SoundLink on ear Bluetooth headphones as well as some of their SoundTouch home speakers too.

For frequent travellers, noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute must, and the go-to product in the market has been, for quite some time now, the Bose QC25s. Our deputy editor Chris travels with these, and swears by them, breaking into a full-blown childish tantrum at the prospect of having to travel without them. However, those are corded, and having to use a cord can be a bit of a pain in the neck.

When we caught wind of the next instalment in the line, the QC35, we had to pay attention. These offer all the benefits of noise cancelling bliss that the QC25 range has, with a little extra: wireless connectivity. If you’re not familiar with how noise cancellation works, take a read of Bose’ explanation:

With microphones inside and outside the ear cups, the QC35 senses, measures and sends unwanted sounds to two proprietary digital electronic chips — one for each ear — which respond with a precise, equal and opposite signal in less than a fraction of a millisecond. The result is dramatic and exclusive to Bose. In an instant, the rumble of a subway car, plane engine, or the commotion from rush hour all but disappear. Stay in silence, or hear your music more clearly with a new EQ that balances sound at every volume, for any genre.

Noise cancelling uses a little bit of power, but wireless headphones use quite a bit more, and part of the reason we haven’t seen a lot of success in wireless noise cancelling headphones until recently is due to the power requirements. However, Bose have seemingly addressed that with the QC35 range, and they promise up to 20 hours battery life on the QC35 (presumably that’s with noise cancellation active) from a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. That’s enough to handle the Sydney to Los Angeles flight, or even Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth (at just shy of 17 hours, the second longest non-stop flight in the world).


Bose’ QC35 retains the simplicity of the QC25, though, with a single switch to turn noise cancellation on or off, as well as a few simple controls to change your music volume, play or pause your tunes, or to take/end calls. We have a review unit on the way, and we’ll let you know how they stack up.

Are you a frequent traveller? Do you have a need for noise cancelling headphones? Let us know whether these could be the next ones for you.

Source: Bose PR.
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Björn Rostron

Interesting. One of the major reasons why I didn’t go with the QC25s was because I wanted to active noise cancelling and bluetooth connectivity. These make an interesting combo. I have to say though I am extremely happy with Parrot’s Zik 2 other than a few niggly things.


I love my QC25s to the point that I’d probably mug someone for a pair if I accidentally left mine at home when leaving on a flight. The wire honestly doesn’t bother me, but finding AAA replacement batteries is a bit annoying. The only thing that I don’t like on QC25s is the in-line buttons on the wire; they don’t work on Android.

I’ve got some Sony cans to review at the moment, which — too — are Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling. They’re pretty great … remains to be seen whether they’re better than the QC25s though. We’ll soon know.

Björn Rostron

Hmmm the space is intriguing at the moment. By the time I’m ready to upgrade should have a few good choices.


Chris – what is the name of the Sony cans you are reviewing or must i remain patient for the review?